Empower Life Foundation is a charitable trust in Kerala, India which intends to promote a community living and learning concept for differentially abled children. This will be known as life village. The main aim of the society is to promote independent living of the differently abled. The other aims of the project are:

1.To provide lifelong security and better living conditions, as if the PWIDD (person with differently abled) is living in his own house.

2.To eradicate the mental tension that is being faced by the parents who think "what after us".

3.To minimize the expenditure as low as possible and to get best quality of service out of it.



To set up a world-class rehabilitation centre for disabled children.


To facilitate independent/supported living for physically/mentally disabled children by improving their mental and physical abilities and enable them for vocational employment there by relieving the parents from their biggest life time worry about the children.


We intend to set up a full-fledged decent living facility for disabled children with the following facilities.

  • Special school for children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and mental retardation.
  • Therapeutic medical centre.
  • Vocational Training Centre for the differentially abled.
  • Accommodation facility for individuals and their families.
  • Community college for training teachers/ professionals in Special education, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy etc.
  • Research centre for Autism related abnormalities.

  • Why this Project

    The biggest worry of a parent with a differently abled person is 'what after us". Even if either of the parent got ill then also it becomes a problem. Then what we have to do? The siblings will of course render support and care. But they too have limitations due to domestic obligations to spouse and children. We know actually the Family of the PWIDD is the DISABLED and not the PWIDD. When we think of a rehabilitation program of PWIDD, we cannot separate parents out of it. In other words, reintegration without considering parents and PWIDDS alike is an incomplete program.

    There are many daycare centers for the therapy and training of the PWIDDs. By experience, we are aware that the day care centers will not cater the future needs of the children. We need a self-sufficient Village to accommodate the PWIDDs with their parents. This village has to provide all services required for the overall development of the PWIDDs and it must be adequately equipped to take care the PWIDDS

    PWIDD has to live after the death of their parents. The PWIDD can be trained and familiar with their rooms while the parents are alive. The main problem in any project in Kerala is to obtain land suitable for the purpose considering facilities like water road. fresh air, cost, nearness to hospital and town. We need to pass this big hurdle by purchasing the land.

    We anticipate constructing a Special School, various therapy units, a Health unit, a Center for Assisted Living and Skill Development, Vocational Training Center, Modern Mess, Auditorium, Care Homes and other ancillary facilities, with the help of Corporate and Philanthropic Organizations and esteemed individuals. The first phase, we are determined to give public service to all the needy local people and other hopefuls who required our service. There is a sharp increase in cases like Autism, CP, Down syndrome and Multiple Disability and this have become a social problem. Now,we have planned to conduct free medical camps in our locality to facilitate early intervention of Autism, CP Down syndrome and MultipleDisability. The National Centre for Assisted Living and Skill development planned by Empower Life Foundation is intended not only for theinmates; but also, to the public. In the 2nd phase we expect to add families by building facilities for them. Parents always wanted a project like ours where both PWIDDs and parents’ interest are taken care of.

    In the last stage we expect to accommodate 50 wandering PWIDDS in dormitory type accommodation. When it will swing into full operation, this project will be one of the best and perhaps the only rehabilitation centre in the world for both PWIDDs and parents. We want to develop this as a model project in our country and to spread it to make more places.

    We propose Food Park, Aqua Culture, Tourism etc. for the day to day expense.

    The Almighty is not ignorant of our heart’s longings. That is why He has given us powerful minds which can explode immense energy. And we are dedicated to work with one spirit to achieve these goals.