our mission

Our mission is to provide treatment and training for children with special needs. We aims to create opportunities for children to master developmental tasks, increase performance capacity, achieve great functional skills and independence at home, school and community

our vision

To become pioneer in the field of Rehabilitation.Emerge as a trustworthy and reliable institution providing relief to patients seeking rehabilitation Objectives            


To provide therapeutic service for special need children. To enhance special need children for exploring their skills. To undertake research and development


Welcome to our Empower foundation

Empower Life Foundation is a public, charitable Trust and is an organization founded for the rehabilitation of children with special needs. It is instituted with a mission of providing treatment and education for the children with neurological disorders, developmental problems,mental retardation,autism and learning disabilities.

Our goal is to create opportunities for each disabled child to reach self-reliance and self- sustainability. This is accomplished through empowering such children to reach their maximum potential via vocational training,special talents, development and other life skills.

ways to give

compassion fund

Compassion Fund provides us unrestricted aid. By giving to Compassion fund, you are allowing us to respond to wherever the need is, whether it is a child awaiting a sponsor

medical care donation

Treatment and therapy needs of such children are mostly continuous. Because of the continual nature of the needs of our Children, we have plans to build a mobile medical care unit.

sponsor a child

Yet another way of partnering with us is to sponsor a child. You can sponsor one of our children who is looking for the kindness of a sponsor. With your sponsorship we can provide him therapeutical treatment, special education and rehabilitation.

international expansion

LELF is looking forward to develop such project in other places too. Individuals or trusts who are keen on helping children can be associated with us as part of our international Expansion program.

Our works

Child Development Center

Empower Life Foundation is a public charitable trust founded for the rehabilitation of children with special needs.It is instituted with a mission of providing treatment and education for the children with neurological disorders.

God's Own Kids

God's Own Kids is India's first INCLUSIVE PRE-SCHOOL that follows an inclusive model and go beyond this. The God's Own Kids Pre-school, under the guidance of Empower Life Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust, caters to children of abilities.

Empower Rehab

Empower Rehab is a Transition Care Facility with its flagship Centre at Kannur, Kerala. We intend to bridge the gap crucial gap between hospital and home care in order to ensure a holistic approach to a person's rehabilitation.

Empower School

Empower School is catering to students with various learning disabilities and is committed to respond to all appropriately to their individual learning needs and do their schooling with pride.

Empower Community College

Empower Community College intends to empower individuals through, appropriate skill development which will lead individuals towards gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and community.

Empower Life Village

Empower Life Foundation is a charitable trust in Kerala, India which intends to promote a community living and learning concept for differentially abled children.