Compassion Fund

Compassion Fund provides us unrestricted aid. By giving to Compassion fund, you are allowing us to respond to wherever the need is, whether it is a child awaiting a sponsor, obtaining a new equipment of disaster relief.

Medical Care Donation

Treatment and therapy needs of such children are mostly continuous. Because of the continual nature of the needs of our Children, we have plans to build a mobile medical care unit. This fund helps us to cover all such additional costs of therapeutical care, health care, emergency care, medicines and surgeries. This will also help us for the completion of our mobile medical clinic.

Sponsor a child

Yet another way of partnering with us is to sponsor a child. You can sponsor one of our children who is looking for the kindness of a sponsor. With your sponsorship we can provide him therapeutical treatment, special education and rehabilitation. Be sure that you are making an incredible difference to the life of a child and family, by sponsoring a disabled child.

You may contact us for details of children looking for sponsorship, if you want to know the particulars of the child that you are sponsoring.

International Expansion

ELF is planning to start such centers to empower disabled children, beyond boundaries, because the problems that is being faced by disabled children are the same wherever they are.

ELF is looking forward to develop such project in other places too. Individuals or trusts who are keen on helping children can be associated with us as part of our international Expansion program.